Welcome to all the wonderful things that make our planet such a special place amidst a fiery, chaotic universe.

The aim of this site is to introduce you to a different perspective of the world, its subtleties, the hidden influences on our lives, the secret directives that govern our responses to the demands on our time, and our emotions.

My home is the southwest of Australia, where the great ocean collides with a strand that has survived for over two billion years, the rounded granite boulders persisting through cataclysmic splitting and joining of continents, burial, inundation, freezing and boiling. Hopefully some of this ancient spirit is captured in my writing and art, an echo, however fleeting, of the real powers that shape the earth and thus humanity.

Enjoy this perspective of the world – there’s plenty to see. The included resources can be used as a stepping stone to a broader understanding of the universe and our part in it.

Stephen Twartz


The Sequel to The Veiled Thread

The lives of two men, generations apart, come together through the trauma of war and overt prejudice, and the phenomenon of intergenerational suffering.

This is not only a story of degradation and despair, but also of the resurrection of hope through gratitude, acceptance and a belief in the power of good.


The Veiled Thread

The Veiled Thread, Stephen’s First Book

Eiric O’Sullivan walked his horse the last few feet, up the steep rocky path to the top of the hill. A brisk cool breeze blew across the hilltop, bracing after the warmth of the climb in the lee of the hill. This was where he was meant to be. He knew it, felt it in the marrow of his bones.

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“Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude.”  Victor Frankl In the view of Viktor Frankl, a survivor of the Nazi death camps,...

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“I can’t go back to yesterday – because I was a different person then.” Lewis Carol Upward Turn So, you may realise, if you have been reading my...

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