STEPHEN TWARTZ – Author & artist


Stephen is a sixth/seventh generation Australian, with Irish/English/German heritage. He has training as a biologist, geologist, engineer and environmental manager, working over many years across four continents. He has been based in Western Australia for over twenty-five years and currently resides in Dunsborough, Western Australia.

Stephen has maintained an interest in the creative arts for many years as a writer and also as an artist, focused mainly on the landscape and seascape of Australia’s Southwest. He has also spent time living in the south of France.

He lives with his partner, Susie, in Dunsborough. They have two dogs and an indoor cat. Stephen regularly surfs the large waves of the southwest.


Stephen is based in Dunsborough, Western Australia. His training was to observe and record, within the geologic discipline, the structure of the earth, the connections between the sea, river, lake and the land.  He recognises that earth is a living organism, bound to the sun as we are bound to the earth and its eternal rhythms, profoundly influenced by the ebb and flow of the land and the sea.

Through the painted medium, Stephen strives to capture the mystery of change and conservation and to emphasise the infinite cycles of flood and destruction imprinted in the rocks and the landforms. Stephen provides in his images a lasting connection for the observer in us all, to our beloved planet earth.

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Stephen Twartz
Author | Artist | Adventurer