The Veiled Thread

Eiric O’Sullivan walked his horse the last few feet, up the steep rocky path to the top of the hill. A brisk cool breeze blew across the hilltop, bracing after the warmth of the climb in the lee of the hill. This was where he was meant to be. He knew it, felt it in the marrow of his bones. 

But fate would have it otherwise. 

Two men’s lives, one caught up in the hysteria of a war, both caught in a web of their infidelities and self-doubt, separated by a generation, bound together by the horrors of an insane conflict. 

At the core of this tale is Eiric O’Sullivan and his fateful journey, with his two brothers and a resourceful, laconic aboriginal man, through war in Palestine, a war that leads to the death of one brother, estrangement of another and the ruin of Eiric. 

Graphic depiction of war against the Turks in Palestine is interwoven in the narrative with the gradual degradation of Eiric’s spirit, through the malaise of the Great Depression and into looming war with Nazi Germany. His grandson Harry, also suffers the guilt and self-doubt that was born almost ninety years ago, on the killing fields of the Levant. Harry carries the genes of infidelity, self-loathing and bitterness, the origins of which he cannot comprehend. Its torn legacy has passed through generations to form a new interpretation of that trauma.

In desperation, Harry turns to Eiric, an old man now, in search of the source of his doubts and in the process unleashes a torrent of bitterness and recrimination within a divided family, a family grappling with the fallout from the madness of war. 

The story moves repeatedly from the past to the present to draw parallels between grandfather and grandson until the stories’ climax, when Harry and Eiric understand their parts in the inheritance of the trauma of the past. 

This is a story that delves into the phenomenon of epi-genetics, its impact on successive generations and the destruction of hope in those who have no understanding of the origins of their depression and sense of helplessness.

Stephen’s first book
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What People are Saying about The Veiled Thread

I finished your book and am ready for more! It raised so many questions and issues from my own family and our history. I have a new perspective, especially about how the women in my family have influenced me. I am still thinking….
This is pretty profound material. My mother and her mother, my Dad’s mother, I share the backlash from their traumas throughout my life. Good job! I do look forward to the next book, very much. I will be re-reading this one soon.

Dr. Rebecca Dodge

Geosciences Professor, Midwestern State University (MSU)

The Veiled Thread is a brilliant read and a must to buy***** stars!


Reader from Devon, UK

A great read!

Northern Ireland Reader

My copy arrived today and was read in one (long) session. Great story and a real page turner.

JJ - Reader from Sydney

The Severed Cord

Harry walked along the sea wall in the dimming light, stopped, watched the small boats riding at anchor in the bay, a warm sea breeze brushing against his face, roughing the water. The last of the sun beat against the walls of the old city, ancient, massive, resolute, punctuated occasionally by dark retreats that hinted at discoveries still to be made, inventions of the past, histories that ensnared him. He saw the man walking towards him, along the stone peer from a row of moored boats, head down, a lithe slightness apparent as he approached.

‘Harry, is it?’


‘I have the information you need.’ Harry felt the man’s green eyes would dismember him. ‘Come with me.’

The man turned to go.

Harry had then, a premonition of disaster, but whether it was his or the fate of others he could not tell.

Harry has a plan. He knew it was a long shot, but he was in with a chance and he knew it. Frances would stay in Sydney, with the full catastrophe… baby, dog, his mother. His life in Africa would be completely separate, with the opportunity to explore happiness for the first time, to fulfill his dream, to dismiss all the negative influences in his life, to abandon at long last his grandfather’s legacy.

But the family…

The world…

The universe, have a different outcome in store for Harry.

Set amid the political turmoil that is Africa, with the catastrophe of global warming and sea level rise and its devastating impact on humanity as a backdrop, Harry battles with his own demons, his grandfather’s legacy still clinging to his every move.

The story moves rapidly from the western borders of Africa, to the parched southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean where Harry at last, discovers the terrible truth that is his grandfather’s legacy. He can no longer deny the truth that dogs his every decision and must confront its devastating impact on his family and those he loves.

Stephen’s follow on work ‘The Severed Cord’ is due for release in 2021.
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